Think.. ThinkOne of the multitude of things that I do on a monthly basis is the Daycare newsletter for Mahogany Ridge. Turns out it’s harder to fill a page than you would imagine.

So, Theresa hands LB a handwritten note with the stuff for the newsletter this month.. oh incidentally.. I’m late working on it.

Last night I’m looking at my notes and there is a phrase “Winter and Poopsicles”.


I’m guessing she wants me to talk about dogs eating more poo in the winter cuz it’s crunchy or something?

My dogs don’t eat poo. (With one exception when Qay was on antibiotics… one incident.. and that was it)

I’m stumped… do dogs eat more poo in the winter? I mean I do a “Dear Theresa” article… maybe I could put a bit in about picking up after your dog.. and don’t bother with the hot sauce foolishness because you’ll only teach them to eat it before you get to it and if you are going to wander around with a bottle of tabasco anyway, you might as well just pick it up….