Drives and what they Mean
In a previous post I commented that according to the CPP, Qor's scores are as follows Prey = 60 Pack = 65 Defense - Fight = 25 Defense - Flight = 5 Prey drive is all about chasing, stalking, killing (as in stuffie toys) and all around fun time mayhem. Pack Drive is about being with your Peeps, furred or otherwise. It's about doing things with your Pack. Defense Flight and Fight are about how you handle difficult or challenging situations. Qor's pack and prey drive scores are very high which makes for an interesting balance. It means that when a cat crosses our path on our walk, she REALLY wants to chase it... but her pack drive is high enough that a touch from me or a "we don't chase kitties!" will get her back to my side and kitty lives another day. Qor will definatly whine about it, up on her toes and almost dancing in excitement, but she won't lunge. Let's look at Defense Fight and Defense Flight. Her flight score is pretty low so if for example, the lure of kitty was just TOO much, a check on her collar won't shut her down, but will get her attention back on me... (we can this working through defense to get back to pack). So, since her Fight score is higher than her Flight score, if she were challenged by another dog, she would rather fight it out than run away... what fun. But with such a high pack score, she is more likely to try and work it out first. Dog Trainingfor DummiesPerfect example was today at daycare. Evidently, one of the Labrador puppies who is about 8 months has suddenly decided he is all about Qor. Qor is (recently) spayed but this little guy is a show dog so he is still intact (and beautiful I might add). Anywho, he was sniffing her and pretty much making himself a bit of a pest. Qor rolled over on her back, showed her belly and did all those "submissive" things. Until, he tried to mount her.. and then she launched herself at him and let him have it, politely. He would back down...... and then start the whole thing all over again... too funny! For more info on the Volhard Test, I highly recommend their book Dog Training for Dummies

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  1. Aren’t boys just too silly! They really do think with their downstairs parts… thank goodness all mine are “fixed” – at the time i didnt realize they were broken… but the more i hear about intact dogs… they absolutely are broken! LOL

    Go get ’em Qor

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