Nugget aka AirBud Speaks on SnowBuddies Deaths
It seems a bit of media hype is out and running about again about the Golden Retriever puppies who died while filming the SnowBuddies movie being released on DVD. Not one to believe everything I read (since just because it's a press release doesn't make it accurate... and after all PETA is on the bandwagon as well...  ) I did a little google-ing.  I found this rather interesting post from "AirBud"  on a Golden Retriever Message Board dated 3/07.
I'm well aware of the problems with the puppies and am just as upset as anyone over them being sick. I will say though, the media has sensationalized the story (to sell more papers) and has left out certain things and left other things to innuendo. I do know the production company has spared no expense in nursing the pups back to health once the severity of their illness was realized. Sadly, though 2 were just too ill or weak to make it through. All the pups were pulled from the shoot and sent to foster homes immediately to recuperate and have been retired from shooting. I did see on another board that someone who is fostering 3 of them reports they are doing very well and are now racing around and playing with one another. We have been on set, albeit not when the puppies are there, but everyone is very good with the animals are they are definately treated well. Also, a rep from the American Humane Society is on set too. Their role is to look out for the animals AND the trainers. I know from first hand experience that Nugget's trainers treat him unbelievably well, so much so that he is eager to return with them every Sunday night without so much as a backward glance at us as he drives away. And like your furbabies, Nugget is part of our family, so his treatment & care while in the hands of others if of vital importance to us. AND Nugget was never in any danger of contracting whatever illnesses the pups had as he never had any contact with the pups, nor did his trainers. Based on my knowledge of the situation I have my own opinions, but am unable to share them on this or any other forum for obvious reasons. Just remember not everything is as it appears, especially in the media. You really have to do your own research to get at the truth.
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  1. Being a Siberian Husky myself, you can bet I’ve been very interested in the rumors regarding this film. Mom says she sure does hope Disney does the responsible thing and issues a statement at some point letting people know that we’re not for everyone. Unfortunately Siberian Husky rescues nationwide are braciing for the cute grown up Sibe puppies that end up discarded after their uneducated owners realize they’ve not made a good choice for their lifestyle. ::sigh::

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  2. I totally agree.. the media just wants to sell their stories.. true or otherwise. It is sad how if things aren’t newsworthy for the day, they will sensationalize it to make it sell.

    Dont even get me started with the whole dogs in movies – mommy can i have one – sure – it makes too much mess – off to the pound thing either!

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