Am I done yet?
I have been dealing with my very first root canal experience. What fun. Actually, the root canal itself wasn't bad... I had my Ipod and just zoned out. Today I had the temporary crown put on. The person who made my appointment last week told me it would be an hour at the most. Try two hours later..... good thing Targ's vet appointment was rescheduled. Then when I go to check out, I'm told that whomever made my appointments didn't set up any payment plans... I knew I was going to have to pay part of this (to the tune of about $650) but figured they'd bill me like they did for everything else. Evidently, they were supposed to collect $250 from me a week ago when I had the root canal done. I had news for them.. I don't have $250 today. I'll have it Friday but I didn't have it today. We just spent over $600 in vet bills for blood work etc and still have Targ to go. Qor had to have cytology on a lump in her ear which turned out to be a hystiocytoma... it's starting to look pretty nasty so I'm hoping it goes away soon.. but I digress. So on Friday I have to swing by and give them $250. Fortunatly, the woman who I talked to today was very nice and apologized.. and she apologized for whomever made my appointment in January and forgot to write it in the book.. So.... am I done yet? Not quite. But we're getting there.

3 thoughts on “Am I done yet?

  1. Mum spends all her money on my medical expenses and ignores her teeth, silly woman! Cyn is right! It should be a right for everyone, and an affordable right at that!

    Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for the input on my injury stuff.

    Woofs, Johann

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