Five Bands You May Not Know
Since I've gotten my iPod, I've been filling it up with new music. I've found a few bands here and there that I really like... probably some you've never heard of. Heloise & the Savoir Faire: I found Heloise on Graham Norton. This band is kitchy and thumpy and all the things I love in a Dance band. Evidently, Elijiah Wood owns their record label. Still too new to be on Amazon, but you can get them on their MySpace page. The Panics: are from Down under. Found them when an ex of LB's sent the CD for Christmas. Sarah Bettens: Ditto the above.. the ex sending the CD.. not the down under bit. Scissor Sisters: Elton John, in an interview was asked who he liked. He said this band. Poof.. instant addition to my collection. Bitter Sweet: If you're a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you heard their "Mating Game" Song when Callie was dancing in her underwear. For your listening pleasure, a few tracks from the above. It's flash so I hope you can play it. Thanks to FrogDogz for the idea.

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