Boys will be Boys
We have a long standing tradition with the boys around here. We pretty much decided that if they can manage their testicles, they can keep them. Which means, well... they need a special friend. ChaDich had Montgomery the Stuffed Moose for 7 years... um.. Montgomery had to be removed to a discreet location when company came to visit.. Montgomery was a little well.. gross. In fact when Targ joined our family, he sort of ripped Montgomery's head off.. I had to wear rubber gloves to sew it back on. I wouldn't have bothered but ChaDich WHINED for him... seriously missed him. When we lost ChaDich, Montgomery was the first to go.. no offense buddy, but there was no love lost between me and Montgomery. Anywho.. Targ was so ahem.. rough on his special friends that at one point he had two.. two big stuffed hedgehogs.. They were eventually dubbed "Spinabifidia Hedgie" for the big gaping hole in his back.. and "S & M Hedgie" because he had been duct taped back together at least three times. What was funny is he would "have his way" with one.. and then go cuddle the other.. wierd little dog. Targ has since been neutered because, well, he couldn't manage his hormones.. for the best really since we kept the girls intact until they were three. (It's an estrogen/bone growth thing). This doesn't mean that he doesn't still love his special friends. But the girls have a tendency to rip them apart on him. Some sort of odd Karma I think. So, the most recent incarnation of the special friend has been a stuffed teddy bear.. his head is now missing, he's been duct taped together.. .but Qay likes to pull him down and pull stuffing out of him . It's been a sad state of affairs. Today at our grocery store, we found a new teddy.. for 75% off... so a $50 bear for $12.50. Sweet! Targ and the new teddy Check out the Video of Targ and his new Teddy. No worries, it's G Rated.

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