Glad I didn’t use my own bandwidth
I was cruising around the blogosphere, following links from one blog to another... I was surprised to find the RPB Button on a blog I'd never seen before. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not stingy with the RPB, but I guess I was sort of hoping for a link back to my site. It's very selfish of me, I know. I should have put a blurb on the page about how a link back is appreciated but not required. I'm glad, though that I didn't host the image on my webhost, in case other folks out there tried to hotlink. It's hosted with Photobucket. This person actually didn't hotlink, but instead copied it into her blogger account and uploaded it. Kudos for that! Way to be responsible not only in pet blogging but in web manners as well. The whole idea behind the RPB was to promote other Responsible Pet Blogger Blogs... so.. if you are showing that button, please feel free.... but let me know who you are so I can add you to the blogroll. And, of course.. a link back is appreciated. Oh and if you want to show some linky love, share the blogroll too! The RPB Page has been updated to show the code you can use to snag the button with a link back here. My fault really... that whole planning ahead is sometimes lost on me. And as always.. if you know any RPBs, let me know...!

4 thoughts on “Glad I didn’t use my own bandwidth

  1. Hey Jan, it’s my own fault for not making it easy on people to share the button if they want to. I think my post sounded a little snarky… I was really tired last night… 😀

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