Has it come to this?
Seriously? This is an email I got at work
It has been brought to our attention that while interviewing parents with toddlers it is not uncommon for the youngster to become bored and start exploring the room. The electrical outlets present a potential hazard. Outlet covers have been placed over all the exposed (except one - we're getting more covers) outlets in the four interview rooms and the conference room. This provides an added measure of protection from energized outlets but is not a substitute for adult supervision. An unsupervised child with time on his/her hands may remove the outlet cover. Please remain alert to this potential hazard and if needed, request that the parent discourage their child from playing with the outlet or any electrical equipment connected to the outlet.
I swear, I don't understand why parents can't supervise their kids. I would love to let my dogs "get bored and start exploring". Can you imagine the chaos?

8 thoughts on “Has it come to this?

  1. Ah, a little clarification. The “interviews” are for mortgage applications… it’s a room for when people meet with their loan officer to take a mortgage application: they sometimes bring their kids.

  2. I guess what really gets me is it’s one more case of lack of responsibility…. if my dogs were wandering about, I’d get yelled at.. but kids.. well it’s “cute” when they do things they aren’t supposed to.

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