Dusting off the Psychic Antennae

I’m VERY excited. I have an opportunity to sit in Seance on Saturday. It’s been years! And the person running it is someone I haven’t seen in ages either. Wonder if she’ll remember me?

I took Therapeutic Touch Classes from her probably 8 years or so ago. She has really perfected her teaching skills.. good for her!

We both came out of the same Psychic Development School (which will remain nameless since I’m about to blast it) which is where I met LB incidentally so it has served it’s purpose. Unfortunately, the focus of this school has changed from development to money grabbing.. a common problem in the psychic community. I know this since I have a friend who is going there now.. it was on it’s way to being icky when I left almost 6 years ago. I told her the program is good (I know because LB rewrote the syllabus and the book) so if she can stand the BS it’s worth sticking it out… but I digress.

LB and I really miss sitting in Seance. We were leading some at another local school where we were asked to teach psychic development when their teacher walked out in a fit of rage. We taught this group our “Mastering Message Work” workshop that we developed for them since they were already “experienced”. We were really bummed out when we discovered that all they were really interested in was the “Pirate Jeni and LB Show” aka “lets let the teachers do all the message work and sit here in the dark like lumps and not progress in our own development”

It gets old. And there is no real joy in teaching people who aren’t interested in learning.

About a year or so ago, we were asked by a local Pagan Group to lead a seance. We did.. it was pretty good. There was one person who, with a little guidance (hey isn’t that what I’m here for?) was able to pull out an AMAZING message… spot on.. perfect. We were invited back, but the second time… well it was back to the “Pirate Jeni and LB Show”.

This time, we are not leading the seance.. excellent.. so maybe I can actually work on my own skills as opposed to teaching others.. not that I don’t like teaching, I do.. but only for willing students… rare to find, turns out.

I think often, psychic ability and mediumship are viewed as something mystical and amazing and unatainable. Not true. well.. sort of true.. it’s pretty freaking amazing, but really should be part of everyday life… Like breathing. Something we do naturally and once and a while should pay attention to.. I don’t like being part of a show.. or put on the spot to perform. (Maybe that’s why I dont’ show my dogs?)

Anyway, I’m really looking foward to this. I hope that it doesn’t suck.

If you are wondering how to find a seance in your area, I can’t help you. It’s almost like you have to be in on the “down low”. Turns out I know a heck of a lot of Sunday Psychics…