Best Laid Plans….
ugh.. We didn't make it to the Seance last night. I've come down with a horrible cold... drat! I feel like crud... And, just to round it out, tickets for Eddie Izzard were sold out. I did however start working on a blog directory... gotta do something in between blowing my nose and hacking up a lung. Still need some fine tuning. I also discovered that people are lousy communicators. I've been working on a website as a volunteer for a club of which I'm a member. I've been trying for a year to get someone to tell me what they want. Really shouldnt' be that hard. I sent them a list of questions.. of which none have been answered. So I went ahead... they've been paying for hosting for a year and have nothing to show for it... Miraculously, the president tells me she has a volunteer who will help me get together what they want and the sent me a link to another similar club to show what they liked for layout. I finished my design.. and it's been up for about three months. I've been working very closely with my contact and we've made incredible progress. Until yesterday, I got an email from the president saying that I was not authorized to change the "official" logo (surprise number one - considering I didn't know that the bits I changed were part of the 'official logo" like the border of the big ass ugly square) which is her artwork (surprise number two) and that my contact should have told me this. Never mind that the president had been on the website and emailed me about how much she liked it. Whateeeever. So I change it and email her and my contact with my to do list and told the pres. that I wasn't go to make any changes or finish my list until I got the go ahead from her. She says "Oh I don't want to micromanage it"... then proceeds to tell me how my contact isn't giving me the right information. Really? So then maybe she shouldn't be my contact? Hrrrmmmm...? (To tell the truth, I suspect that my contact is just fine... that "someone" isn't communicating very well.. considering that the board for the club has changed almost entirely at least 3 times in two years... with one exception... hmmmmm...) I'm still formulating my email.... this is definately a learning experience.

8 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans….

  1. Bummer you didn’t make it to the seance I was wondering how it went. I hope you start feeling better. I have started with the nausea tonight. I’d be so bummed about Eddie Izzard too.

    Don’t you do animal communication too? I would be really interested in talking to you about it.

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  2. SL, I guess they do them every two weeks so I’ll have to check it out next weekend. I do animal communication mostly as something for my friends and family. I’m not doing much anymore, mostly because I was tired of people assuming that I could be a their beck and call in an emergency.. and then they would be annoyed when I’d tell them to call their vet or emergency clinic… but I’ll drop you an email, probably later today or tomorrow.

  3. Oy, Lynn, I’d love to “finish” the website.. it’s a pretty dynamic site and theres a bit of a learning curve when it comes to updating it.. not only do I have to finish it, but I have to teach someone how to upload pics, upload documents and how to use the content management software to maintain the members only section….

  4. Whatever this cold/flu is, it’s a doozey! I’m hacking right along with you.

    I’m not even going to touch the micro-managing thing. We go through this all the time with our advertising clients. We start off by putting a limit on how many changes they can make for free. Then we start charging them for each change. That usually gets them all on the same page pretty quickly — but not always. Some people just can’t let go… 🙂

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  5. That’s a great idea… unfortunately, this is one of my “free” projects.. definately a learning experience…

    I love it.. I fix the logo and I get an email a day later saying “you can flood fill the back ground color to match if you want”.. yeah, so I flood fill a dark red around skinny black text.. that’s a great idea.. it’ll disappear.. I just laughed

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