My Vacuum is Mocking Me

I admit… I don’t vacuum as often as I should. Honestly, I think the dust bunnies have taken to building condos under my couch.

But I do vacuum in the kitchen. I have tile floors and have laid down one large commercial black rug. You know the ones; you see them in shops…. hard rubber backing with a sort of low pile textured top?

This rug is supposed to be designed so you can pick it up and shake it.. but with three dogs who invariable leave all sort of cookie bits, hair bits and drool bits everywhere it don’t work like that.

So I vacuum it…after I shake it and sweep it..

02027915000.jpg This is my vacuum. It has this neat feature

Infrared Dirt Sensor tells you when imbedded dirt is removed to prolong carpet life


That little sucker has NEVER turned from red to green…


It’s mocking me in my attempt to keep a clean house with three drooly dogs…. three drooly, dirt loving, shedding (more than they should for short coated) dogs.

I hate that feature.