Giving this MySpace thing a shot
I've been avoiding MySpace. I keep feeling like it's for 12 year olds to post their trampy pictures for their friends and the pedophiles who stalk them.. But.... Weeeeeellll.. Everyone on Etsy has one (yes I've succumbed to peer pressure.. but they all have blogspot blogs too and I'm not jumping back on that bandwagon ::shudder:: ) So.. here is my very new, not very flashy or perfected myspace page.. tweaking these is wierd... it's all CSS but I can't get the tags listed anywhere... and their profile builder doesn't work in Fire Fox... Sew Crazy Dog Lady's MySpace Page How did I do? Anyone want to be my friend? Gawd that's pathetic... almost like I *am* 12 years old again... But I'll keep my trampy pictures to myself, thanks.

3 thoughts on “Giving this MySpace thing a shot

  1. I dunno..

    I think MySpace is pretty much done for, at least if you’re over the age of 14 years.

    Facebook seems to be more for the “people over the age of 20” demographic.

    I don’t go near MySpace – too many emo photos, blinky graphics, bad embedded music and quasi porn shots of 13 year olds. Eww.

    I do have a FaceBook profile, but it just sorta sits there, albeit with a feed from my blog running on it…

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