An Open Letter to Brent Spiner
Dear Brent, I'm writing to tell you that the only real reason I went to the Star Trek Con in NJ was to get a copy of your new CD, DREAMLAND. My partner and I were there early in the AM, well before you were available to autograph copies. There already was a queue and your assistant (I'm guessing- maybe she was just a volunteer) was sitting at the table with copies of your CD. We walked up to the table and asked her if we could buy the CD. She looked puzzled. She said "You don't want it autographed?". My partner said "Well, really, we just want the CD". Seriously, I think the top of her head almost blew off. She couldn't seem to grasp that we really wanted the CD for the Music and not for your autograph. She eventually gathered herself and said "Yes, you can buy it but you have to get in line". So, we decided to buy it online, where it was $10.00 cheaper. But.. well, we went back later, since we figured shipping was probably going to bring it back up to $30.00 anyway. As I was standing in line, well.. I got a little star struck. I'd never met anyone famous before and I was a little flip floppy and goofy... As we reached the table, the volunteer asked if we wanted the CD autographed (I think she remembered us)... we said sure. You took the CD and LB gave you her name and you looked at me.. waiting for mine... My mouth stopped working... sorry about that.. I got a little.. uh.. well dumbfounded. I'm sorry that I laughed when you said how amazing the CD was and how much we were going to enjoy it.. call it a combination of goofy nervous girl and the thought that perhaps you were pretending to be immodest... The CD? It's stunning.. what an incredible piece of artistry. Where did you find Maude? The two of you create a movie in my mind. So colorful and rich... I've listened over and over.. I cried when Maude sang "I Remember You".. and the heartbreak in your voice in the "Nightmare" sequence just moved me beyond belief. I hope that more people realize that you are more that "Data" or "robot of the year". I hope to see you again on Broadway... and if you ever make good on that promise to remix "Ol' Yellow Eyes", I'll be the first in line to pick it up. Thank you for making this CD. ******* For my blog readers who don't know anything about this project, here is a video for you.

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Brent Spiner

  1. Thanks Brent…. btw, I cracked up at your comment about selling the “silly mustaches”… thank goodness for YouTube.. I went home Sunday Morning and missed you having a little fun with Patrick. I was rolling with your questions to Armin and Rene….

    (I’m resisting the urge to gush about how honored I am that you found my little ol’ blog… backlinks at work again, I suppose)

    I’m telling everyone I know about Dreamland…

  2. you are sooooooooooo lucky to be able to buy his CD and chat with him in person!
    i couldn’t even buy his CD in amazon and have it sent to where i live.
    sniff, sniff :”<

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