A Few More Star Trek Bits
And then I'm done.. I promise.. back to Doggy Blogging... I didn't take these.. someone posted them on YouTube.. but I was there! Brent Spiner has some fun with Rene Auberjonois and Armin Shimmerman JG Sings The Klingon Warrior Song with a Little Fan This one I missed... we went home Sunday Morning.. Love ya, Patrick but I couldn't afford another $40 for each of us.

4 thoughts on “A Few More Star Trek Bits

  1. Krad posted about attending that con in ‘stealth mode’ in his LiveJournal, and I almost wished I was on the east coast, because it sounded like a blast.

    Glad to hear someone’s opinion on the CD. Can’t wait to get it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Do you review the pet-related books you read? I ask because I’ve heard about TTouch for years (it’s mentioned in your side bar) but never read the book.

  2. I should really do the reviews… I usually run out of time to get my thought together.

    I have read the TTouch book and it’s very good.. but if you want a hands on get “Getting in TTouch with your Dog” or “Getting in TTouch with your Cat” depending on your circumstance..

    I went to a week long seminar on TTouch in 2005. It’s pretty amazing. If you can find a workshop or weekend thingy where you are, it’s worth going.

    I think it’s the only reason that my 3 year old puppy can walk now and the reason my cat will let me touch her.

  3. Seems odd to post this under a Star Trek topic, but recently viewed a TTouch DVD. Amazing stuff. Trying to incorporate it into our dog routines. Hum, wonder if Ms. Tellington has a secret “Vulcan Neck Pinch” she isn’t telling anyone about? (How was that for keeping in the Star Trek theme?) 🙂

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