So THIS is why I’m broke
Shel and I were trying to figure out why we are so broke. I mean, we don't make a lot of money, but we usually have enough to have a few extra's here and there. We did some math last night... outside of the usually mortgage, cable, gas for to and from work and food for us and the doggerts, we spend:
  • Daycare for two days a week for two dogs $20 per day which translates to $320 a month
  • Gas for said daycare since this is WAY out of our way (but worth knowing my dogs are safe and in good hands) $39 a week or $156 a month
  • One acupuncture visit a month for each dog to address different issues (Qay: limping, Qor: allergies, Targ: Eye issues) $75 each so $225 a month. (This was twice a month for a while)
  • Acupuncture for Me and Shel.. me for stress, her for an old ankle injury from last year: $60 each or $120 per month
  • Total: $821.00 That is my mortgage payment.. which we are barely making this month. So, we are not going to Acupuncture any more... and the kids will stop for bit as well. They seem to be doing better.. Daycare.. well.. they really need the exercise and the socialization.. so we might go to one day a week for a while.. but I don't know..

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  1. Gas and groceries are skyrocketing too! Everytime I go to Walmart, the exact same items I had bought the week before had gone up anywhere from 20 cents to a dollar! And this is an increase each friggin week! I just paid $3.55/gallon for the cheap self serve stuff two days ago!

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  2. I think that groceries are getting to be more expensive because of the cost to ship them in! Gas prices affect everything and really drive the economy.

    I don’t know about you but my $300 check from Mr. Bush is going to pay off some vet bills…

  3. Sigh – I can very much sympathize.

    Old Dog Costs: Medications for Addison’s Disease = $210/month
    Medications for Epilepsy = $30 per month
    Medications for Arthritis = $120 per month
    Special Diet for Allergies = $180 per month
    Vet Visits (average one per month) = $50 per month with tests etc.
    Silly dog toys to entertain dog with limited mobility = $40 per month

    And I have two other dogs. Thank God they are (so far) young and healthy. Costs above don’t even include heartworm and flea treatment for one giant and two medium sized dogs, food for the two ‘small’ ones, shows, trials, seminars, dog beds…..

    I’m feeling faint….

  4. Oh, your dogs are so lucky that you do everything you can for them. But it all adds up! I spend a lot on gas too, just because I drive home from work every day on my lunchbreak to let my dog out. It’s a 20-minute drive, but that turns into a lot of miles every week. I would like to take him to daycare as well. Great blog, by the way.

  5. Oh wow…I am so with you … we take one of our dogs to daycare at least once a week though I’d rather take him twice. The other two can only go once every couple of weeks due to injuries and age – they’d love to go every day I’m sure. 🙂

    I love that I’m not the only one taking my dogs to daycare. My coworkers think I’m nuts. lol It’s almost as expensive as having kids sometimes!!! With surgeries, medicine, Dr visits, and daycare. phew! Not to mention food and treats and toys and beds. LOL

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