So THIS is why I’m broke

Shel and I were trying to figure out why we are so broke. I mean, we don’t make a lot of money, but we usually have enough to have a few extra’s here and there.

We did some math last night… outside of the usually mortgage, cable, gas for to and from work and food for us and the doggerts, we spend:

  • Daycare for two days a week for two dogs $20 per day which translates to $320 a month
  • Gas for said daycare since this is WAY out of our way (but worth knowing my dogs are safe and in good hands) $39 a week or $156 a month
  • One acupuncture visit a month for each dog to address different issues (Qay: limping, Qor: allergies, Targ: Eye issues) $75 each so $225 a month. (This was twice a month for a while)
  • Acupuncture for Me and Shel.. me for stress, her for an old ankle injury from last year: $60 each or $120 per month
  • Total: $821.00 That is my mortgage payment.. which we are barely making this month.

    So, we are not going to Acupuncture any more… and the kids will stop for bit as well. They seem to be doing better.. Daycare.. well.. they really need the exercise and the socialization.. so we might go to one day a week for a while.. but I don’t know..