Weeee hooooooo!!!!!
Well this took me HOURS to get these pictures to come out right... But I think they look pretty awesome.. And since I'm sure you are all DYING to know when I'm actually going to open up the store, feel free to sign up for an email when it's official like
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BTW: Have you seen the new design of SewCrazyDogLady? The folks in the Etsy.com forums are so helpful!

4 thoughts on “Weeee hooooooo!!!!!

  1. I sooo signed up for your site. I cant wait til it opens. I am really digging on the mardi gras collar! I think my boys need them! How cool would they look on Saints!

  2. Hey Lora..if you still want that Mardi Gras collar, I found some more of that fabric… give me a holler… let me know. .no pressure to get one.. just that it’s out of print so I need to snag it now while I see it, if you still think you would want a collar big enough for a ST. Bernard!

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