Mean and Nasty and slightly insane
Remember how I was posting about how I'm broke and I'm not going to acupuncture anymore? Yeah, I got the mean nasties... it ain't fun. Mostly it's hormone related... it's the reason I started going in the first place. I've spent the past 48 hours being the most nasty, mean, horrid person.. with fun little bouts of tears thrown in. yippie. I picked up some Black Cohosh Extract today.. I hope it helps.. it's cheaper than Acupuncture. I also have vowed to get back on my meditation schedule. I don't like me like this.. neither does anyone else for that matter.

4 thoughts on “Mean and Nasty and slightly insane

  1. I was screaming into the phone at that stupid “voice recognition” automated customer service thing yesterday and the dogs ran an hid. I hate when I get that way too. I feel for you!

    Lora’s last blog post..We’ve got guests!

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