Bullmastiffs have the pity me look down pat

Yesterday, wrapped up in my own misery (although feeling MUCH better by the end of the day.. more on that later) I came home and expected to be greated my the usually onslaught of bullmastiff-ness.

Qor and Qay came flying to the door like usual… Targ.. well, he didn’t do anything but yawn and go back to sleep on the couch…


Normally, he gets up, wags his tail off and tries to find something ANYTHING to bring me… be it a toy, a nasty old bone or my own shoe… this has been going on for years.. every day.. like clockwork.

No Bubba Love? What the heck? Is he sick?

I went over to the couch and said “Bubba? What? how come you didn’t come see me?”

He looked at me with the saddest most pathetic eyes I have ever seen.

My gawd.. something is wrong…

I checked him over.. eventually he got up.. looked at me and went and laid down in the kitchen.

And there he stayed until dinner time.

Oh I tried.. I rubbed on him.. I gave him kisses, I plied him with treats.. nothing.. pathetic puddle of dog, right there in front of the stove.

Dinner time rolls around and Shel goes into the pantry to get out the parsley (special request from Miss Qor) and glances at the calendar on the door.

“Jen” .. she says…


“Jen, it’s Bubba’s birthday today.. we forgot”.


So I said “Bubba! Targie man! I’m so sorry! I forgot your Birthday!” and generally loved all over him…

That creature got UP and leaned on me and accepted all kinds of love..

Thank goodness he has a forgiving heart… he got a marrow bone in the middle of the week… extra treat for him… big mushball


Happy Birthday Big Guy! The Big 6….

Momma Loves you