They Don’t Suck
I'm on MySpace, right? Yah, who isn't? So every once and a while I get a friend request.. and sometimes they are pervy guys who ignore the "Married" thing or maybe just don't care. This time, it was this band from Oneonta.. not far from me ... about an hour and 1/2 trip. (My high school sweetheart lives there actually... last I heard, he also was happily married with munchkins, but I digress) I gave a listen... they don't suck. I'm actually going to suggest that you give them a listen... they are kind of current pop meets alternative... a very similar sound to what you hear on the radio these days... not much original about them, but then again, I think they are a band to watch... once they find their groove that is their own, I think they'll do very well.... they have the skills and they SOUND good.. just need a little inspiration.

One thought on “They Don’t Suck

  1. I enjoyed their clip. They sound like a bit edgier and younger version of Bowling for Soup, Something Corporate or Jimmy Eat World – funny I know these bands because I am a classic rock gal – Give me Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd any day of the week.


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