Do I look that stoopid? Really?

From my inbox:

My name is XXXXX XXXX, I and my wife are on a Christian mission to the united kingdom and i came along with my 2 teacup Chihuahua and yorkie terrier babies. After a while, i noticed that the London weather is not too good for the puppy and i have not been able to take good care of them the way i always do because of my job. They are AKC registered. – TEACUP. Home raised, Vaccines & health guaranteed. I need someone to adopt both and take care of them the way i always do. If you can take good care of them,do send me a reply and i will mail you with their pictures. I hope to read from you.
Best Regards,
Evangelist XXXXX XXXX

It would be kind of fun to play along with this person, wouldn’t you think?

Nah.. not worth my time.