Um… I didn’t invite these guys
I think we've had enough rain here for a while.. what do you think? Qay isn't to sure about our surprise guests. I would like to impress upon you that I live in an URBAN neighborhood and I do not have a pond. Qor was a little slow on the uptake

11 thoughts on “Um… I didn’t invite these guys

  1. Hi Johann! We hope to have some dry weather next week… unfortunately, I didn’t get to clean the yard first.. I’m afraid that might be poop soup out there!

  2. hahaha! OMG those ducks didnt care about the dogs at all! Hera would have been all over that. Having said that though, we have 3 ducks and 6 geese in the pond right now. The dogs chase them away and they come right back. This is a now a yearly ritual. Eventually they will get tire of the dogs and leave but it takes a couple of weeks. Last year the geese even chased the dogs!

    Lora’s last blog post..I’ve been so busy

  3. Your pond sure beats our plumber-made mud strip! So…the girls don’t like baths? Athena would be pulling the sticks out of the water. She didn’t learn neat-freak from her mother!

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