Imagine if I actually tried!
I've missed a lot of karate lately.  Which sucks.  I had class on Tuesday but I missed it due to a lovely stomach bug that left me afraid to walk more than 5 feet from the bathroom...  you don't want anymore details than that. And I lied to Sensei.. I couldnt' quite bring myself to share that piece of information (but I'll post it here for the world to see.. imagine..) So, Wednesday, I stretched out at home and did a little warm up.. a few punches etc etc.   I noticed (because I had time to notice) that a lot of things that were a struggle for me in January, no longer are.  I can get REALLY low on many of my stretches and I have something resembling a muscle forming on my forearms.. Shocking! This morning I put on a pair of pants I've not had on since last summer.  They are too big. I mean WAY too big. Like I can pull them down over my hips and back up again. holy crap. I feel so awesome!

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