I actually managed not to vomit

Every morning, Targ gets eyedrops. His vision was getting VERY bad to the point where I was afraid to let him meet new people without them speaking to him first. I really thought he was going blind.

Fortunatley, these new eye drops (technically ointment) are working wonders and much of the occlusion has receeded. <-- is that spelled right? Anywho.. so to give him eyedrops I have to sit next to him and wrap one arm under his chin (this hand holds the drops) and the other over the top of his head to open the eye. This leaves me no free hand to hold the cap of the tube. Sure, I could put it down but the stuff goooshes out of the tube so fast even after I take the pressure off that I want to get the cap on quick! (the stuff is $36 a tiny tube- yeah, I'm being careful!) So yesterday, I sit next to the beast (who is not happy with this new morning routine) and take the cap off the tube... I open my mouth just enough to put the cap between my lips... when... ::shudder:: I'm still freaked out... Targ shook his head.. and a big GIANT wet, slippery slimey slinger of drool whipped of his head an INTO MY MOUTH!!! GAH! Blech! In the 8 years I've been in Bullmastiffs, I've had dog saliva on my clothes, in my hair, slung into my food (I picked it out), on my icecream cone (yes I share) on the walls everywhere... But slingers are "special".. they cling.. they hang and dry that way (just look at my ceiling fan). They are cold and sticky... and gross tasting... Just in case you were wondering.