I actually managed not to vomit
Every morning, Targ gets eyedrops. His vision was getting VERY bad to the point where I was afraid to let him meet new people without them speaking to him first. I really thought he was going blind. Fortunatley, these new eye drops (technically ointment) are working wonders and much of the occlusion has receeded. <-- is="is" that="that" spelled="spelled" right?="right?" Anywho="Anywho">

6 thoughts on “I actually managed not to vomit

  1. Bwahahah!! that is hysterial! At least it wasnt a saint slinger.. those bad boys are full of sticky nasty FUR!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooo feel for you!

  2. If you held onto the tube and didn’t involuntarily squeeze $36 worth of ointment in the air, I’m impressed!

    I’m also grossed out and spitting and wiping my mouth vicariously for you.

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