I’m exhausted.. I have SO much to do and I’m beat!

Today I attuned my friend to Reiki. The one who has the dog with bone cancer? yeah, her. I hope that it will help all of them. It made more sense to me for her to be able to share Reiki with her dog since she’s right there and it will also help her feel like she is helping (which she will be). Of course, I’ll continue to send Reiki on a regular basis.

But that was most of my day.

I still have to:

1. Blog for the Paranormal Blog
2. Work on my homework
3. Make 6 collars
4. Order supplies for said collars
5. List the collars I already have made in my etsy shop.
6. Catch up on my blog reading.. . priorities you know.
7. Um… crud I forgot… there was one more (at least)

But right now I’m going to make smoothies, turn this thing off and probably go to bed.