Who says that Corgis are little dogs?

There are two corgis on our block… and one has been attacked a few times by the dog down the street so they are a little… um… nuts.

Shel and I were walking the kids and walked past the corgi’s house.. One was jumping jumping jumping on the screen door while we walked by when suddenly..


The door opened and out came two crazy barking corgis… and attacked our dogs…

Yup.. you heard right… two little corgis attacked three big bullmastiffs.

After a LOT of screaming yelping (and one little dog getting tossed by Miss Qay.. and Shel shoving one of them off Qor with the Polo mallet we carry) and Targ leaping around looking for some way to break it up and the owners trying like hell to get their dogs…

my hands hurt.. thank god for prong collars.. but when they flip over… ow.

Everyone is fine.. the owner apologized.. . and then commenced yelling at her husband.. for not locking the door.

Fortunately, we had witnesses who saw the whole thing and stopped to pet our dogs … and remarked at how crazy those little dogs must have been.. what were they thinking?!

I said “they were thinking they are big dogs.. that’s what Corgis are.. big dogs in little bodies”.

We all had a dose of rescue remedy.. myself included…

my hands have stopped shaking…. Shel has leash burn on her thumb.. I think I pulled a muscle in my shoulder.

The owner just left.. she swung by the house to apologize… she was putting the kids to bed which is why it took her so long to get out… her husband missed the whole thing.. she looked like she was going to cry the whole time..

We assured her it was ok.. accidents happen.. it’s not like she has a history of irresponsible dog ownership..

And we now know how our kids will behave should that happen again..

Thank god they didn’t use their teeth.