Our First Box of Goodies
Shel and I joined a CSA... it's community supported agriculture. Basically you buy a "share" in a local farm. You pay x amount of dollars and for the summer you get a box of goodies every week. We joined Denison Farm and this week was our first box of stuff! We got:
  • Radishes with the greens still on
  • One BIG Bok Choy
  • A bag of baby spinach
  • Cilantro
  • A Big bunch of something that I have no idea what it is but it looks like either braising greens or a funky lettuce
  • A Giant head of Romaine
I just got done breaking down the Romaine. I cut some up for Salads and we'll be having Turkey Taco Salads for dinner tomorrow... (it's actually more beans and corn than turkey but boy howdy does it ROCK!). and about 1/2 is left in leaves for sandwiches. The spinach is currently soaking in the water in the sink so I can get all the dirt off of it... Qor has requested some for her food so some will go to her and some will go to ME! The radishes, I think I'll braise.. Shel does not like radishes where I had one off the greens and was happily noshing on a whole one.. yum.. yum.. yum! The wierd lettuce could be greens sort of stuff will probably be braised and I won't give them to the kids until I know what it is.. The bok choy will probably be cooked in a little chicken stock with sausage and white bean... little red pepper flakes for good measure... Well,... my veggies are calling! If you want to join a CSA of your own.. go to http://www.LocalHarvest.com
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    1. That sounds like a really cool idea. Supporting the local guy and getting some great fresh organic stuff in the process! ymmmm

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