Shh.. don’t tell.. it’s a surprise!

Since my friend’s dog was diagnosed with bone cancer, I was trying to come up with something to give her to celebrate Shine’s life. Shine is still with us and I think it’s important to celebrate who she is instead of mouring her passing, that hasn’t even happened yet!

So, I commissioned a special order pendant, by In A Bit. Jann makes these beautiful pendants so I contacted her to see if she would make a special order for me.

Here is the picture I sent her of Shine

Shine is a 13 year old Malinois. One of Shine’s favorite things to do is to play ball.. so I asked Jann to incorporate that in her collage

Jann made a custom collage just for this pendant. (She is starting to offer custom work that won’t be re-used. Since all her work starts out as a full sized collage, she needs to make several pendants and prints out of it to make up the cost of making a big collage. I’m honored to be the first one to take advantage of the exclusive work she’s going to be offering! That means my friends special collage will be One of a Kind!)

Anywho.. this is what came in the mail today!

Jann included her business card (yes! Need to share that) and lovingly wrapped the pendant in some padding.

I unwrapped the cushioning and check out this nifty package!

Under this was the Pendant!

The pics just don’t do it justice…..

I can’t wait to give my friend her pendant!

Get your own at In A Bit!