Taking a tip from Cynthia

Cynthia at Luna Tail does a blog and occassionally writes on what day it is.. in her cycle I mean (if there are any boys lurking and I doubt it, be warned.. this post is going to be about Girl Bits)

I, too, suffer from some nasty PMS… the older I get, the worse it is.. but I’ve noticed that since I’ve started working out, it’s gotten better…

But I’ve never really paid attention to where I am in my cycle… I know I’m when I”m going to get my period because I’m a rip roaring bitch the week before.. and I can’t stop eating… it’s crazy.

I’ve hesitated keeping track because I don’t want to be anticipating things, but maybe if I track it, I can keep tabs on what helps… so I’ll also be adding in what I ate that day…and what exercise I got  (with the help of The Daily Plate)

I have NO idea what day I’m on.. or what to start with.. is day one the day I start my period? or the day it ends?  probably starts…  because that’s pretty clear.. ending is sometimes, well…  dragged out…

Maybe Cynthia will swing by and let me know what she uses as day one.