I am a murderer
...  of earthworms. I didn't mean it... really I didn't! I was cleaning out the kiddie pool...  1/4 cup of bleach and I filled it about 1/2 full... this is really really dilute!  I mean considering what I learned in food service.. Evidently, not dilute enough for earthworms... Sorry fellas..  The carnage was pretty awful.. I've never seen SO many earthworms surface at once.. you know that scene in the Titanic where they pan back and you see all those bodies in the water?  Yeah..  like that.  ew.. I sprayed them again with lots o water hoping to I dunno.. hose them off?  Maybe I drowned them in the process... :: shrug :: To tell the truth, it really really skeeved me out.. I dont' like worms.. I won't go out of my way to hurt them, but I'll avoid them at all costs... so, now I'm cooling my heels in the house after I dragged the pool into the sun... The dogs are not pleased...  they have been waiting for the pool all day... I'm hoping the robins clear them off for me... that is of course as long as it doesn't kill them too... oh great... I think I just upped my killer cred

6 thoughts on “I am a murderer

  1. sorry to hear about the carnage in your yard. I know I would feel the same way. I hate mice but I don’t want to see them dead either. We’ve had good luck using a bleach substitute that contains only natural ingredients from Tropical Traditions. I was skeptical when my husband bought it as I felt there are things that only good ole bleach can take care of, but it really works well, and it’s not harmful to pets, wildlife, etc. Just thought I’d mention it. Hope the dogs are back to enjoying their pool.

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