Stupid is as Stupid Does
Read on a news website: A comment from a reader.
I've tried some of those mongrels and mutts from the pound, but they don't do it for me. They don't have the character, the intelligence and personality of a purebred. They simply leave a person with a feeling of emptiness and inadequacy. After all, when people visit, how can I possible explain a dog with no papers, no pedigree and no list of champions in his blood line. It simply can't be done. No, mutts are just dog-food-eaters. I'm spending my money on a special dog so that he is capable of responding and loving me in the way to which I'm entitled. Special people just naturally need special dogs for symmetry in their live. I feel so sorry for mutt lovers. After all, your dog reflects on you as a person and your life style, so don't sell youself short--go Top Dog all the way. It is truly the secret to happiness and fulfillment (J)
Do I really need to comment on how dumb dumb dumb this is? I might have purebreds but I love the "All Americans" too... Takes all kinds I guess.

10 thoughts on “Stupid is as Stupid Does

  1. That is…well…stupid!

    I bet this person loves Peke-a-poos or Labradoodles or those other “Designer” dogs that are are really nothing more than expensive mutts.

    I have a full blooded lab, but I wanted the dog, NOT the paper. He could have been AKC registered, but we never even bothered to send the paper work in. Probably coudln’t even find it now if I wanted to.

    My other dog is a mix breed. A chow/golden retreiver we rescued from the streets.

    Of the two dogs, the mutt is my favorite. He has fewer health problems and is better behaved.

    Nonas last blog post..Rats: Worship or Eat them?

  2. Sounds like he just setting everyone up for a flame war so he can sit back and watch. Intelligence, character, and personality comes in all types of furry packages, whether they come from a breeder, shelter, or rescue. 🙂

  3. ” After all, your dog reflects on you as a person”

    I’ve never met a dog who would reflect the letter writer’s (lack of) character.

    Agree this guy is sitting back and enjoying the hoopla he’s created.

  4. Honestly, that kind of comment makes me want to commit murder. I just don’t understand the “logic” some people have. I wish there was a link with her contact info, I would so tear into her. I’m assuming it is a she but it could be a he as well. Doesn’t matter either way to me.

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