Uh.. I dunno what to pack..
OMG.. I'm going camping for the first time since I was a kid.. and I've NEVER packed for myself.. my Mom (thank the gods) has a tent for me, with a one burner camp stove, a coffee pot (little percalator.. hehehe - I love the smell of coffee in the open air) and a bedroll.. I'm going by myself.. Shel's idea of "roughing it" is a Motel 6. It's KARATE CAMP! On a private farm with a pond, waterfall, hiking trails, ZIP LINES Bocce court and Batting Cage (it's in Cooperstown, NY- Home of the Baseball hall of fame in case you don't know) We'll get to train OUTSIDE! We'll be training twice on Saturday and once on Sunday and there will be a bonfire etc.. It's bring your own food.. this is where I"m stuck.. not sure what I should bring for food.. It's got to be healthy and hearty.. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll have a cooler.. Help!

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  1. That trip sounds like heaven! I hope you guys have a ton of fun..

    I personally HATE camping.. did more than my share of “camping” in the Army… vowed never to do it again.

    I have no idea what you could bring to eat. I can hardly decide in my own kitchen in advance let alone when I am out in the wilderness..

    Have fun and be safe.

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