The Weekend of Stupidity

I try very hard not to judge people.. but when stupidity slaps me in the face I can’t help but either snort in laughter or cry.

Case #1: Do you know what kind of dog you have?

There was a client who I will not name, this weekend at the chiro clinic. She insisted that name of the breed of her new puppy was “King Saint Charles Cavalier Spaniel”. Um.. no.. chances are you bought your dog from an irresponsible breeder.. congratulations.. and considering the irish name you gave this little cutey, I can guess where she came from. Their website screams puppy mill… duh. Here is what they really are.

Case #2: Kitten abandonment

I was cat sitting this weekend for a friend who had one team of friends coming in the morning and I was to check in at night… This was a full house as both tenants were on vacation: 14 cats, two kittens under 6 weeks old, one iguana and a tankful of fish.. whew!

So I swing by last night and the kitten (yes kitten, not kittens) is SCREAMING and CRYING. She’s in her cage all by herself.. what the hell? Where is the other one?

Found a note: “We took (other kitten) with us to help calm down a kitten we have in rescue.”

So, these dumb (I have to say it) bitches thought it was ok to remove a 6 week old kitten from the 4 week old kitten and bring him to a house where there are PEOPLE LIVING and leave the 4 week old kitten ALONE in a cage…

The poor thing was terrified… so I called MY friend who called the dumb bitches and told them to go back and pick up the 4 week old too… which they told her they would do and then called her back and said she was quiet when they got there but they’d taken her anyway….oh and by the way, will Jen cover our shift in the morning because we are now too busy.. I said yes (easier on me anyway)

Guess what. .. this morning… the poor little girl is STILL THERE and she had stress diarrhea all over herself and the crate… I’m more than pissed.. I have no where to take the poor little one.. she sat in my pocket while I took care of everything…

oh and they moved the iguana’s spray bottle.. took me forever to find it so I could spray him down.

My friend in back today… I’m going back over to check on the little one shortly and get her out to play..

This is going to get ugly.. seriously, I know it’s a lot of work but it would be just easier if I handle it.