Same to you buddy!
So! I'm not going to be selling a certain brand of holistic products anymore. The shop is closed! Why? because I just got killed for shipping on a personal order... like $20.00 for something that could fit in a priority mail flat rate box.. *****EDIT: This was a mistake on their part and they were very gracious about correcting it.. even with my unwarranted nastiness!*** nut-uh.. no way.. actually the last few orders I had I LOST money because they didn't tell me that they had increased their prices... fffttt.. buh bye.. I sent them a scathing email... grrr..

3 thoughts on “Same to you buddy!

  1. I’ve always found an email explaining why I think the shipping is too much usually results in a partial refund. Not always, but sometimes.

    I myself am getting spoiled by Amazon and Zappos, I expect it NOW and I expect it sent FREE. đŸ™‚

    PS love the photo in your header, a face (and dewlaps) only mom could love……!

  2. I hear ya.. that is the other kicker.. they are selling their products through Amazon… I can’t compete with that!

    And that is Targ in my header.. he’s a big mush face…

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