Ok.. so the newbie doesn’t suck

I’ve been moaning and groaning because our most favorite-est vet is retiring.. we told her “Congratulations …. and we’re pissed”.

The practice has hired a few more vets, and we’ve been sort of dreading picking one. We can, for now, use our “old vet’s” husband who is also a DVM in the same practice (we love him). But he’s working on retirement to, so we should just bite the bullet.

This newbie, (we’ll call her Dr. L), was kinda pretty cool.. reason’s we like her.

  • She obviously had never worked on a beast as big as Targ (186lbs), especially one of “those breeds” that can be tough. But she sucked it up, saw all the techs fighting over him and snapped to.
  • She listened… and she heard us. Points there. Biiiiig Points.
  • She had definately been coached by the existing vets in the practice (except for the woman who will NEVER touch one of my dogs again.. long story.. not getting into it now.. but I almost killed her.. I’m not kidding..) because she commented on what Dr. C said about Targ’s history. (I suspect that Targ was seen hanging out all day and our regular vets were all “What is HE here for?” He is seriously loved there. seriously. And she didn’t take offense.. she listened to Dr. C as well.
  • She said “I can tell from your chart that you tend to prefer a holistic bent to treatment. Let me explain why I think that we should support him with some metacam or rimadyl. ” Love it! She didn’t just prescribe and run… my kinda girl.
  • She gave Targie treats.. she went *out of her way* to find him treats…. she got down on the floor and smooshed his face…. and since we were the last appointment of the day, she introduced him to her husband who was waiting to drive her home.

Yeah, she’s gonna be ok…. yup.