New Olympic Event: Kitty Triathlon
So this week I'm cat sitting again. Only 11 cats this time and two in wire dog crates while they adapt/rehab from feral life and one who prefers to stay in the bathroom (she gets snarky after about 1/2 hour around other cats- seriously, she quite happy in there.. little freak) This morning, it was the kitty Triathlon.. I got to clean up the three P's... Poop, Pee and Puke.. woo! Also, in a minor event .. the fourth "P", pills. Smudgie wouldn't eat his pills in his food (unusual.. will have to watch that) so I got to pill a cat for the first time in oh, 8 years.. we all got through unscathed... although I did get a nasty look. And Nora the Bathroom cat, suddenly decided that she IS in fact a cat and not a dog... Normally she's all over me "love me love me pet me pet me love me some more".. this morning it was "love me love me pet me HISSS SCRATCH BITE love me pet me love me pet me"... Like I said, little freak.

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