Hellooooo Captain Obvious!
Sometimes, well I miss the obvious. I marvelled at how I was finally sleeping through the night again, and that Targ was too. For the past 4 days or so, I would either suffer from Horrible horrible insomnia (hey look, a sunrise!) or I would wake up every two hours or so... Targ sleeps at the end of the bed and he kept waking up too.. I assumed it was because he was uncomfortable or he would hear me wake up. Everytime I would wake up, my brain would start running.. "If we do surgery and he's gonna die on the table. He's gonna bleed out on the table.. I'm going to lose my boy in surgery.. I 'll bring him to the vet and he'll never wake up... and then, of course, horrendeous sobbing and grief... and the logical brain kicking in.. surgery is the best option.. this could save his life.. why not go with the option that might solve the problem... you've already decided to do this, just suck it up and do it. and I'd look down at the foot of the bed and Targ would have rested his head on my foot and would be looking at me. Sorry I woke you up buddy.. Then this morning.. ze lightbulb of obviousness pops up over my head... his head was already on my foot when I woke up... it's not like me to not sleep... sleep is what I do when I'm stressed.. Targ was telling me.. when I was most receptive to telepathy.. half asleep and not *thinking*... the little goober was putting his head on my foot and sending me a message.. Don't do it Momma. Gawd I love that dog.

6 thoughts on “Hellooooo Captain Obvious!

  1. I so sorry to see that your boy is ill. It really sounds like you made the best decision. Dogs have a lot of wisdom to share, when we have the ability to grasp it. Brooke and Razor and I all will pray for you sweet boy.

  2. Big hug! We have all paws crossed for big old Targ and trust that you will do the right thing for him.

    I wish I had wonderful pearls of wisdom but this time I just dont. Things are what they are. We are sending positive vibes and healing thoughts your way.

    Hang in there Targ!

    Hugs to you Jen!

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