We Bought a Tunnel!
Although Summer is almost over, Qor doesn't know it. She's kinda bummed that we haven't been going to play at agility anywhere.. She's too "social" for competition but she loves to run courses. We have jumps but she really really really really really loves the tunnel. We had one that someone gave us, but it was smelly and loaded full of leaves.. we just couldn't get it clean.. so we pitched it. Last night after running jumps.. Qor looked at us and said "Where is my tunnel? You promised me a new tunnel and it's SEPTEMBER!". So we bought one last night.. Knowing that my Buddy Johann the Dog had agility equipment in his store that's were I headed first. We picked up the 28 inch diameter practice tunnel, so Targ can get through it too.. he can actually do the 24" but he's not a spring chicken anymore.. Can't wait til it gets here!

7 thoughts on “We Bought a Tunnel!

  1. hehehe SL, it’s pretty funny.. although he hasn’t been through one in a while..

    once, Qor went through one way and Targ went in the other…

    We found out that Qor can TURN THAT BIG BODY AROUND! whoa it was wild.

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