If he’s ok.. I’m ok
Targ had another episode of weakness this morning... We just came from the vet and he has blood in his abdomen. I'm letting my boy go today. We are bring the girls to see him one last time and then we are letting him go. He says "I'm Ok Momma.. I"m ready". If he's ok.. then I'm ok. But I"m gonna miss the big lug.

9 thoughts on “If he’s ok.. I’m ok

  1. I am so very, very sorry. I know it’s the right decision, but I also know how very badly it hurts. A friend of mine told me “Euthanasia is the last, best gift we give our pets. We take their pain and make it our own.” Our deepest sympathy to your family.

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  2. I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family (fur and skin) are in my thoughts today and my heart just aches for you.

    Run Free big guy! Run free… Brutus 1 and Greta are there waiting and will show you the ropes. They will be the first dogs to come and greet you.

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  3. My deepest sympathies for your loss. Know in your heart you are doing what’s best because you love him… and that he knows you do, too.

  4. Letting him go to protect him from any suffering is the kindest and most difficult gift you can give your big boy. We have an English Mastiff (Trinity) and love the large breeds… and you certainly enjoyed the company of a very handsome boy!

    Many hugs with comforting thoughts from my girl and me.

  5. Oh no. Oh, poor Targ, poor you. And a poorer universe for him not being in it.

    Thank you for being strong enough to let him move on. I always worry that I’ll fail, when that time comes, but you did what was right for him. I know he thanks you for it.

    He was a strong, wonderful soul, and somehow I just know his time on the wheel isn’t done yet — he’s just moved higher up it.

    Many, many hugs.

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