Peace by Piece
"Every time a dog of mine dies, it takes a piece of my heart with it. And each time I bring in a new dog, it gives me a piece of it's heart. By the time I die, I believe my entire heart will be that of a dog's."

3 thoughts on “Peace by Piece

  1. I thought this was so lovely I quoted it on our community site, DoggySnaps. Quite a few people have recently lost their beloved pets, so I thought they might be comforted by it. I added a link to this post (it’s in the forum).

  2. I think this quote is absolutely beautiful and so true. I lost my last dog Zippy to cancer in 2003 and adopted a beautiful angel named Suki in 2004. She’s been diagnosed with a very advanced cancer as of last week. It’s absolutely heart breaking for us but your blog has managed to put a smile on my face at least for a moment.

    Aurora Natrixs last blog post..Suki and her adventures with the big "C"

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