There is a cat who lives here.. honest

Chaos is 14 years old.. I know I don’t blog about her much..she tends to hide and stick to a routine..

Eat.. yell at me.. chase the dogs… nap… yell at me.. eat.. chase the dogs.. nap.. you get the idea.

Since she is 14 and not really willing to jump up any longer, I have finagled a step system for her to get to her food and fountain. My sewing box to a stool to her food about 2 1/2 feet off the ground. Keeps the dogs away from it anyway.

We got her adjusted the other day since she was looking a bit gimpy.

Yesterday, I walked into the kitchen and saw this:Chaos?

I thought she was my lunch bag on my kitchen counter.

I can’t believe she let me take that picture… or this one.

I showed this to some of my plurk friends.. one said she would be hiding the knives from Chaos.

oh.. this is more like her

evil eyes