My official day of suckage
I have been saying for two years that I was going to take Halloween off of work.. it's a madhouse there.. a MADHOUSE.  Grown adults having parades...  screaming and hollering.. helllooooo I have to talk to clients ON THE PHONE! So, I took it off.. and I figured I'd get some errands done and make some collars and take care of some paperwork. But first my car needed an inspection. So I get to the dealership.. my appt. was at 9AM so I ate breakfast around 7:30.  I leave my car and go sit in the waiting area..... my day goes like this 9:50AM: Service Front Desk guy tells me my car passes inspection but my brakes are going and my transmission fluid is burnt..(not surprised) and that my tires will need to be replaced (also not surprised).  We negotiate:  Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Inspection, Transmission Service, New Brake and Rotors but tires to be done later.. hey I ain't made of money.  Total : $780 (I have an Explorer).  I ask for an estimate time frame: he says 2 hours. Decide to wait instead of being driven home. 10:00AM: Break out Kindle.  Read. 10:30 AM : Put down Kindle: decide to read the Asford Book of Spinning for my new hobby (like a need another one- yes I'm now spinning my own yarn) 11:30 AM: Start eyeballing clock.  Call my honey to talk about project we are working on.  Oh and to see if she had enough $$ in her checking account to cover the bill. 11:35 : hang up phone.. neither one of us are talkers 11:45:  Eyeball vending machine.  It has Combos! 11:46: Begin fruitless search for 65 cents.  Toss down bag in frustration. 12:00: Listen to the guy at the front desk have a fight with a guy who can't pay his bill. 12:16 : Turn on iPod.. the fight is now boring.   Listen to Fourplay (jazz band). 12:30: Attempt to ignore hunger pangs and low blood sugar: Take out the Kindle. 12:32: Hope that I somehow missed 65 cents in the bottom of my bag and begin another fruitless search.  think of all the change in my car and want to cry.. just a little. 12:45:  Getting cranky.  Hear guy at front desk tell another customer that all the mechanics are on "lunch" right now. 12:46: Begin cursing under breath.  Hope that a cup of the swill they call coffee with enough sugar might keep me from passing out. 12:55:  Bug the guy at the front desk.. where the F&$K is my car? 12:56 : Wait while front desk guy checks on my car. 12:57: Tap feet.. takes too much energy.. stop tapping feet. 12:59:  Car will be another 45 minutes.. there was a "parts issue" that no one tells front desk guy.  Silently, I'm crying inside.  Think of McDonalds just down the road and wonder if it's worth risking my life darting over 4 lanes of highway traffic for a burger that I will have to pay for with my debit card. 1:10:  Call honey..  she says she's done at work and will come get me.. Joy! She'll be there in 20 minutes. 1:15:  Make arrangements to pick up car on Saturday... they aren't open on Saturday.. they make exception and will leave my keys with the sales people. 1:17: My car is done.. WTF?!!?!?!? 1:18: Call honey.. no answer. 1:23PM:  Sign paperwork.. while calling honey.. no answer... 1:25PM : Front desk guy tries to explain what happened.. don't care. 1:26PM: Front desk guy gives me $35 off my bill.. woo 5%.. whoop de do. 1:26PM: Call honey.. leave message for a return call.. I'm leaving before I pass out. 1:35PM  : Call honey..  no answer.. omg.. 1:40PM: 1/2 way home phone rings..  honey had phone in bag in back of car and is at the dealership... waiting to pick me up. 1:50PM: Get home..  shove a banana in my face while getting dogs out of crates.. Dogs are displeased.. had planned on walking them when I got home like three hours ago. 2:00PM: Eat GIANT sandwich.. nap... It's now 9PM and I've gotten a few things done today.. but no where NEAR what I expected to have done.. I wonder if I'm cursed.. doomed to have a lousy Samhain!!?!?! sucks.

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  1. I feel for ya, sweetie! I hate, hate, HATE having to take my car to the shop. It’s inevitably an ordeal similar to what you describe. So I just don’t. Then my car falls apart one way or another, and the trip to the repair shop is even worse. And more expensive. *sigh*

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