Eleven Dogs Saved
Due to the kindness of one person and her family. Theresa Jessica lives in Texas and one day in October, she found Theresa (shown above) wandering about on her property. Theresa was starving and obviously pregnant. Jessica and her family helped her inside and took care of her. That alone is amazing. They fed Theresa, (I suggested the Satin Balls recipe that I got from Lora at It's The Dogs Life to give her a boost!) and cared for her while she prepared to give birth. Shortly after, Theresa delivered TWELVE puppies. (unfortunately, two little ones didn't make it) This photo is hard to look at because of poor Theresa still recovering from her ordeal, but I had to look. I had to know if the puppies and Theresa were okay. Now weeks later, Theresa is doing much better. Theresa And so are the puppies Puppies! puppies Oh did I mention that Jessica was not only able but willing to take these dogs in just after getting a new puppy for her family? Yes, she's now caring for Theresa, 10 puppies and her puppy and her adult dog. To read more about this amazing story (and some fun stuff about Jessica and her family) check out her blog at http://weavingrainbow.com/HSblog/ and her fiber/pattern/yarn store at http://weavingrainbow.com/

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  1. Just a clarification: we weren’t sure if Theresa was pregnant when we first saw her, my first thought was “where are her puppies” because she was so skinny. The kids kept an eye on her & then told me that she was just sticking around so we figured “okay, maybe the puppies are grown then”… A few days of feeding her told me that there were little puppies in there & the first photo of her above was a pregnant photo… I bet she would have been a fair bit more unwieldy looking if she had been fed.

    It hurt a LOT when I saw what she looked like standing up right after birth… her ribs were sticking out pretty badly and I was standing there with the cover of the dog food container off thinking eat as much as you want! I couldn’t take a photo of that.. probably should have, but…

    Cool thing about those satin balls is that after finding out about them, I mentioned it to one of the shelter volunteers & he gave me the email address of another local gal who knew about them & she still had some left over from a momma dog that may have been in a similar situation… Theresa LOVES those balls & now we’re down to about 1 satin ball a day since we don’t want her to get fat… she can still stand to gain a few pounds but it’s hard to tell just how much with her milk bar! 🙂

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  2. That is a Wonderful story!! Jessica has such a good heart. The puppies are so adorable! We have a hound, Molly, who is the cutest thing! I love those sad eyes! I hope she was able to find good homes for the puppies.

    Thanks for sharing. – Teresa

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  3. You have done a wonderful job Jessica..now to find them homes with a spay/neuter contract!!! Bless you for taking this mom in when she needed someone so desperately. The rewards of rescue can be heartwrenching..but I can not give up.

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