Eleven Dogs Saved

Due to the kindness of one person and her family.


Jessica lives in Texas and one day in October, she found Theresa (shown above) wandering about on her property. Theresa was starving and obviously pregnant. Jessica and her family helped her inside and took care of her.

That alone is amazing.

They fed Theresa, (I suggested the Satin Balls recipe that I got from Lora at It’s The Dogs Life to give her a boost!) and cared for her while she prepared to give birth.

Shortly after, Theresa delivered TWELVE puppies. (unfortunately, two little ones didn’t make it) This photo is hard to look at because of poor Theresa still recovering from her ordeal, but I had to look. I had to know if the puppies and Theresa were okay.

Now weeks later, Theresa is doing much better.


And so are the puppies



Oh did I mention that Jessica was not only able but willing to take these dogs in just after getting a new puppy for her family? Yes, she’s now caring for Theresa, 10 puppies and her puppy and her adult dog.

To read more about this amazing story (and some fun stuff about Jessica and her family) check out her blog at http://weavingrainbow.com/HSblog/ and her fiber/pattern/yarn store at http://weavingrainbow.com/