Getting back to my roots

When I started this blog three or so years ago, my intention was to promote my animal communication/holistic health business.

Last year, I stopped doing communication sessions for various reasons. I also was frustrated with people asking for advice for their dogs when they didn’t really mean it and I watched those dogs suffer for it.. simple things that should have been easy to fix, you know with a visit to the VET! but I digress.

This past year, my blog has been more about me and my dogs and less about holistic and complementary care.

This past week:

  • Two people have asked me about raw feeding
  • Someone asked me about bullmastiffs for their house
  • I have had two people bringing up “odd” things happening in their houses. (Spirit Energy)
  • Three people asked me about holistic alternatives to treat chronic issues

Maybe it’s time to get back to my roots?