Getting back to my roots
When I started this blog three or so years ago, my intention was to promote my animal communication/holistic health business. Last year, I stopped doing communication sessions for various reasons. I also was frustrated with people asking for advice for their dogs when they didn't really mean it and I watched those dogs suffer for it.. simple things that should have been easy to fix, you know with a visit to the VET! but I digress. This past year, my blog has been more about me and my dogs and less about holistic and complementary care. This past week:
  • Two people have asked me about raw feeding
  • Someone asked me about bullmastiffs for their house
  • I have had two people bringing up "odd" things happening in their houses. (Spirit Energy)
  • Three people asked me about holistic alternatives to treat chronic issues
Maybe it's time to get back to my roots?

6 thoughts on “Getting back to my roots

  1. It’s so frustrating to see when people don’t listen to their animals… especially about simple vet visits! Ugh. People frustrate me to no end so I don’t know how you do it… I try to minimize my contact with people, and stick with the dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cynthias last blog post..Sasha and the Pack in the Snow

  2. I sort of think that our blogs evolve organically..

    We can start out intending to write about one topic, and that one a fairly narrow niche, only to end up writing about everything from poisoning to missing dogs.

    Mine was intentionally meant to be just a fast, easy way to post news about my own dogs, and has since grown to be about more than even just Frenchies.

    I find your blog interesting because of the myriad topics it takes on, and the personal news about your menagerie. Please don’t stop writing about anything and everything!


    FrogDogzs last blog post..Lost/Stolen French Bulldog in Chicago

  3. It certainly sounds like a sign to me. Sometimes life takes us along a curved path. We can aim in one directions and seem to be headed away from the path. Then, the next thing you know, life has brought you back to the path you originally started on.

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