Can You Help Give Reece a Heart?
Meet Reece. Reece has an itty bitty issue that is actually a big problem Reece has a hole in his heart. Reece will probably live about 10 months without surgery. A surgery that costs $2700. With pulminary banding, Reece could live 10-12 YEARS. A friend of mine works with a local organization called Animal Lovers, who is currently housing and caring for Reece. From the Animal Lovers Website:
Reece is cute, of course – what kitten isn’t? But, he’s also energetic, alert and charming. He barrels across the room to greet you-tail high, skidding across the tile floor. And then you hear it: A low, whooshing sound that is the result of a hole in his heart. Click here for more about Reece
One might argue that $2700 is an awful lot for one cat, and that $2700 could feed and care for a LOT of hungry kitties. But here is the deal. People won't give $2700 for just a bunch of kitties, but if you tug on those heart strings with ONE kitty, that money comes in. And rescue organizations need money. Please do what you can for Reece, knowing that if by any chance they get more than $2700 or if the vet is able to discount anything, the extra will go to cats who maybe don't tug on your heart strings as much.. cats like Guy, Holden, China, Tanner, Maxine, Jessica, and many more. Donate to Reece, and all his kitty buddies easily through Paypal here.

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