Whew.. Doggy Breath!
A coworker asked me yesterday about her dog's breath. She said she was missing out on a lot of quality time because her dog's breath was so atrocious that she could barely stand to be near her. She asked what she should do. She thought I'd recommend a breath mint or something. No such luck. Instead I suggested that first she check her teeth. Sometimes a bad tooth can cause some nasty breath. Just ask Lora and Zeus Then I suggested that she look at what food she was feeding. Poor digestion is one of the causes of bad breath. She said that recently she switched from Canidae to Eukanuba, which is okay but maybe her dog doesn't do so well on it. Who knows? I suggested she try adding in a little plain yogurt to see if that would help. She actually asked me, "What about Parsley? Can she chew on that?" Totally. Parsley is great! It's not just something pretty on your plate.. it is a digestive aid (which is how it started on plates in the first place) plus it has vitamins that help keep your dog healthy. I can't wait to see how she makes out!

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