How Solid is your dog?

First, let me apologize for being away for so long. My day job has kept me so busy, it’s Unreal!

But, hopefully I’m back.

Today StoVoQor and LB went to Mahogany Ridge to take a temperment test offered by the American Temperment Test Society sponsered by Out of the Pits, a local rescue organization for pit bulls.

The test consists of a trained tester observing your dogs behavior in a variety of scenarios. According to their website:

The ATTS test focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat. The test is designed for the betterment of all breeds of dogs and takes into consideration each breed’s inherent tendencies.
Failure on any part of the test is recognized when a dog shows:

* Unprovoked aggression
* Panic without recovery
* Strong avoidance

I encourage you to read about the ATTS test at this link. It’s really interesting!

Here is something more interesting: They have published their breed results. These are cumulative, beginning since 1977.

Shetland Sheep Dog: 67.4% passed
Cardigan Welsh Corgi: 76.2% passed
Portuguese Water Dog: 77.0% passed
Pembroke Welsh Corgi: 77.6% passed
Italian Greyhound: 77.5% passed
Bullmastiff: 77.8%
Dachshund (Miniatures Smooth): 79.3% passed
Collie: 79.4% passed
Border Collie: 80.6% passed
Cocker Spaniel: 81.9% passed

(hold onto your hats, folks: here is where it gets good. )

Rottweiler: 83.0% passed
German Shepherd Dog: 83.7% passed
American Staffordshire Terrier (BSL Target): 83.9% passed
American Pit Bull Terrier (BSL Target): 85.3% passed
Mixed Breed: 85.4% passed
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (BSL Target): 88.0% passed

I’m only putting in the percentage passed and I tried very hard to pick only breeds that had at least 100 dogs tested. (all did with the exception of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier)
To see the number of dogs tested, you can view the results here.

LB said she met someone at the testing who has a rescue Pit Bull that was provoked by someone until he bit. The ONLY reason she was able to save her dog from court ordered euthanasia was because she had him temperament tested and he had passed.