Dear Neighbors,
We know you mean well. We really do. But here is the thing. We can't take another dog. We don't have room for another dog. We don't have the time to rehab or train another dog. Especially one that will be 185lbs when she's full grown. And, yes although we are doing ok now, if this year has taught us anything about the economy, it's that it could turn on a dime at any minute. We don't have the budget for emergencies for three dogs. We have just enough tucked away for the two we have now. Bindi Yes she's adorable and needs a handler who understands large, independent stubborn breeds. We get that. But it wouldn't be fair to her. Or to our pack. We know you think we could simply integrate her into the house and you assume all would be well. But, here is the thing. There is a reason why we have well trained, well mannered, CGC bullmastiffs who walk nicely on a leash and listen to what we say while you have a (insert relevant "family dog" breed here) who drags you down the block and can't be trusted. We understand our limitations. We understand our breed. We understand that StoVoQor, for as sweet as she is, is an Alpha bitch would not be happy with us tossing any old dog into the pack. And that ParmaQay is very insecure, in spite of all the work we have done with her. To bring another dog into this pack, a dog that needs a lot of our attention, would be unfair to both of them. There could be serious consequences. Dogs could die. People could be injured. We aren't sure that you fully understand that. Please stop coming to our door with pictures. Please refrain from stopping us on the street to once again tell us about the adorable little mastiff in the shelter. We can't take her. As much as we would love to rescue a dog, heck 10 dogs, 20 dogs... we just can't. Please spread the word that we are sorry but we cannot take her. Five of you have told us about her so far and every time we hear about her, our hearts break a little more. We support the dogs in our local shelters by supporting our shelters. We donate when we can, we raise awareness where we can and attempt to educate others on the benefits of responsible pet ownership. Thank you for letting us know about her. If you want to help her, Find your local shelter and donate Thank you, The Bullmastiff Family On the Block

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