Ice Pups: Honest Kitchen’s Newest Treat
You probably know by now that our furkids get a raw diet. Qor can't have wheat or beef or her face blows up. And then bad things happen.. like eye surgery. Bleh. Shel found this new stuff from Honest Kitchen called "Ice Pups" Ice Pups We have long trusted Honest Kitchen because their quality is really good. Although the girls are eating Honest Kitchen food right now, we have used it in the past to supplement their diet. We thought this would be a fun treat. Powder From the Honest Kitchen Website
Ice pups can be served three ways - during the winter months, offer a warm, nourishing broth that tastes divine. Ideal after playing in the snow! In summer, serve Ice Pups as a chilled refreshing beverage, or freeze the liquid in ice cube trays to make a healthy, puppy-sorbet! Ingredients: Dehydrated Chicken, Turkey, Whey, Dandelion, Asparagus, Watercress, Honey, Parsley. Ice Pups contain no grains, by-products, salt, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers. .
It's easy to make. You mix 2 Tablespoons with one cup of water. Ice Pups Powder Of course, I have such big dogs that I made a double batch. IcePupsMixed icepupsmix And instead of pouring into ice cube trays like any normal person, we went for the muffin tin! MuffinTinFull Into the freezer it goes. Now at this point, I look down. Qay is staring at me. So I let her lick the measuring cup. ParmaQay Please ignore my floors. It's really hopeless. Really. WheresMine Hey! Where's Mine? So I gave Qor a lick or two Some for Qor They were so not happy when that was gone! I had to make up another batch and give it to them as a "broth" or they never would have left me alone! Today it was wicked hot so LB gave them their "Ice Pup Hockey Puck". They seemed to prefer it as a liquid but ate it anyway!

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