Bullmastiffs are Like Elephants

They never forget.

This morning I was walking Qay and across the street was a woman with her dog. My neighbor. Not a big deal.

Except once this dog charged at Qay. The owner opened her car door, not realizing we were on the block for a walk and the door BOLTED down the street and got right in Qay’s face.

Not cool.

The woman was astounded and said “I’m so sorry! I didnt’ see you! I thought she’d just run to the door of the house”.

Ok fine. Mistakes happen. But Qay has never forgotten. And she does not like this dog.

At all.

This woman has a habit of letting her dog off leash when she’s about 30 feet from her house. The dog runs right up to the door and waits.

This morning, I could see she was just about to do that.. we were across the street..

and her dog was eyeballing Qay. Big Time.

I yelled across the street, “Would you mind waiting until we are past you before you unhook her?”

She says,”WHAT?”

I repeat, “Would you please wait until we are past you before you unhook her?”

All I could see was this oblivious woman letting her dog loose.. and the dog running across the street and nailing Qay.. because the dog had that look like “she’s in my neighborhood.. lemme go tell her off”.

And her owner… duh.. had no clue because her dog “always runs to the door”. ahuh.

She says “WHY?”

At this point my options are kind of limited. We have been walking along and are almost past her. Qay is getting more and more ramped up because this other dog is giving her the eye. And of course, you know who would be blamed? Qay.. of course. Because she is the one who is reacting.. Sigh.

I could say “I don’t trust your dog to stay on her side of the street”.


“What are you stupid? Don’t you see what is going on here!?”

but instead, I took the road that would get results. Either one of those comments would cause this digbat to get defensive.

Instead, I chose to say :

“I’m asking you to, as a courtesy to please keep your dog on leash until we are past you. My dog will go nuts. It’s a simple courtesy. Would you please wait until we are past you”.

She says “Oh”.. like “duh”

Not for nothing, but I’ve notice a big difference in people who have dogs and people who understand dogs. If I was in her shoes, and didn’t see what was going on, and another dog owner asked me to do something as simple as holding off unleashing my dog for a moment, guess what? I would just do it.

Why? Because no matter how solid my own dog may be, things can change in an instant. Things that they “always do” may change.