Got Feet?
Oh boy has it been a long couple of weeks! It seems like lately, I've always got some kind of ache or pain or something going on. Not sure what that is all about. But it's getting old (maybe I am too? LOL!) The past um.. probably 5 weeks have been pretty tough on my feet. I made the mistake of switching out the insoles in my shoes for these cheapo ones I got at Walmart. BIG mistake. After a few days, my feet were killing me! My plantar fascia got very sore and inflamed.. on BOTH feet. My feet haven't hurt like this since I was working in a bakery, on my feet for 10 hours. OUCH! The plantar fascia is like a rubber band on the bottom of your foot. It sort of keeps everything together. When it's inflamed or irritated, it makes me hobble like an old crone. It's worse in the morning and then loosens up as the day goes on. Which means, of course that by 7PM, I'm feeling great! Ready to train! Excellent! Not. Last week, my foot finally said "no.. no thanks.. this is enough now" and BANG suddenly in the middle of moving foward into front stance my foot stopped gripping the floor. Stopped.. my toes would no longer grab onto anything. I hit the floor. Not fun. So, as much as I hated to do it, I took another week off karate. It got much better. Especially after the chiropractor visit. I also got rid of those insoles, tossed out my old sneakers and downgraded my "good sneakers" to dog walking sneakers and put Superfeet insoles in my dog walking shoes. What did I do with myself while I was "down". Well I knit of course! Tonks Socks Finished my Tonks Socks Tonks Socks Aren't they fun? Tonks Socks I totally love them Now I cast on a new pair for Shel. I found this awesome rainbow yarn from Space Frog and started Shel's Pride socks Rainbow Socks I lurves them. LOL!

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